Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Holidays ~ Chirk Castle ~ Part 2

We took loads of photos of Chirk Castle, it was so impressive and dates back to 1310. I have split the Chirck Castle posts in 2, as I took so many pics!

These photos, show one side of the castle from the centre courtyard. It was a long courtyard and on one side there was a well which is as deep as the courtyard is long!

This is the hall at Chirk Castle on the servants side of the courtyard. It was fantastic and I want to make it in miniature! There was a saying over the fireplace which I did write down but have put somewhere safe! I will pop it on the post when I have found it!

EDIT -- Found it!!! The  wording above the fireplace reads as ;

'No Noise No Strife Nor Swear At all
But All Be Decent In The Hall'

The books in the library are really old and when the castle was sold by the family who owned it in 1984, they auctioned off all the contents. The National Trust managed to buy alot of items and successfully bought back 80% of the original book collection. 

This is the other side of the library. The fireplace is made from a four poster bed. The owner of the bed unfortunately lost his head, so they turned his fabalous bed into a fire surround!

 The gardens at Chirk are amazing and their trees are wonderful, with many being hundreds of years old.

:0) Julia and tribe xxx


  1. Lovely photos, looks like an enjoyable family holiday.

  2. What an amazing place! Do you look at everything in miniature Julia, I bet you do. I always go around thinking of how I can reproduce things like that in mini! lol Lovely pic of you and the children ! Kate

  3. Thank you for sharing the wonderful photos. What a great place to visit and a great inspiration for miniatures. All those fab books just like a Wizards study ha ha! Nice to see a photo of you and your tribe :-)

  4. Fabulous photographs of your holiday Julia. I'm sure they will inspire some miniature making.
    Glad to see you had a great time..xxxx

  5. LOL Kate, yes, I do look at everything at and wonder if it can be done in miniature ;0)

    Thanks Margaret, yes it was a lovely holiday ;0)

    Julia xxx

  6. Hi Kat,

    We had loads of inspiration on this holiday and for full size items as well as miniatures. The library was my favoutite room and it has re-ignited my enthuasim to get on with making my books for my Wizards and Wands Library, hence the purchase of that lovely peice of leather :0)
    Excuse my half grimace in the pic, I take horrid photos and 2 seconds after Hubby took this pic, we were all in fits of laughter!
    Julia xxx

  7. Hi Debbie,

    We had a great time thanks, we want to move out of the suburbs now and deeper into the countryside! ;0)

    I hope the photos will be an inspiration for fellow peeps, it certantly inspired me :0)
    Julia xxx

  8. Mum, is that the tree?
    I love the saying above the kitchen fireplace and the colour of the wallpaper in the library.
    What a strange idea - turning a four poster bed into a fire surround?! It works though, looks great xx

  9. Hi Sher,
    No, that isn't the tree! THE Tree was the other side :0)
    mum xxx

  10. ¡Gracias por compartir tu viaje! Unas fotografias preciosas.
    Besos Clara.


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