Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Real Life Tapestries and general musings

I have no minies or Gertie makes to share this week, my little alien ( our name for my Ulcerate Colitis! ) has been misbehaving and wearing me out so I just haven't gotten anything done!! But, whilst curled up on the sofa with a hot water bottle!,  I have had loads of ideas for things to make for the Wizards and Wands bookstore and I have been planning a family holiday for us in two weeks time. We are off to Oswestry, staying in a little barn conversion on the edge of Offa's Dyke and I can't wait. We are going to spend one of our days at Chester, where my dad tells me there are loads of fabulous old buildings for inspiration. I will take my camera and my little laptop and you can all come too :0) I just have to keep my fingers crossed that my 'little Alien' behaves :-]

Another thing I have been planning whilst cooped up on the sofa is full size tapestries. I have been following  Nikki making her felt bags and her enthusiasm has inspired me to stitch a family life size tapestry. Many, many years ago, I stitched a tapestry for my mum and dad's 25th wedding anniversary, they celebrate their 53rd anniversary this year. Then I stitched a tapestry cushion for their new house and I stitched a full size tapestry for my eldest daughter;

I love the Native American verses and wise words and I spend months looking for the verses that suit each one of my children, so that they are that extra bit special. The picture below is Dean's kit which of course had to be masculine. I haven't started stitching it yet, the kit only arrived last week after nearly a year of looking! The picture is from the front of the kit. There is so much to stitch, I estimate it will take a good 8 - 9 months in between minie making!! Megan's will be stitched last as she is the youngest and I am still looking for the right verse to suit her personality, she is so out going, bubbly and girly :0)

Then I decided that with the children all having one of my tapestries we need a family one, so I have rummaged through my canvases and cottons and last night made a start;

The verse on the family tapestry will be;

'May the raindrops fall gently on your brow, may the soft winds freshen your spirit.
May the sunshine brighten your heart, may the burdens of the day rest lightly upon you.
May your life be enfolded in a mantle of love'

The family verse and Sheri's sampler both came from a wonderful book by Joan Elliot. Her books contain lots of native american patterns and they are well worth a look.
So, life is going to be filled with my 'little alien', a holiday and a tapestry to sew over the next few weeks, which brings me onto the big question!

My August Swap!
A couple of posts ago, I asked if anyone had any ideas for what they would like to see in my august swap and I got no replies! :0(
Sooo, would you all prefer it. if I postpone the August swap until later in the year? I'm thinking what with school holidays, family get aways, etc etc, maybe it would be better to wait untill after the summer hols have passed. Of course if anyone is waiting for my august swap, I will still go ahead and pop a mini tapestry in for the swap. Please let me know what you would like me to do :0)

Julia xxxx


  1. Your tapesteries are beautiful, I would never have patience to do such big pieces :) And I love how you've made them so personal, they will be small treasures to last a lifetime :)

  2. Wow full size tapestries.....looks like a lot of work but wonderful heirlooms.

    I am sorry to hear about the UC. I was diagnosed with it at 17. It was managed fairly well though and it did actually end up going away so fingers crossed for you. I know how bad it can be :-(

    You will love Chester...yes there is loads of inspiration for buildings. I seem to remember there being a big dollhouse store there too...been a long time since I was there.

    May your moccasins make happy tracks in many snows and the rainbow always touch your shoulder.


  3. Me encanta tu osito, esta muy gracioso!!!!
    Es una maravilla tu trabajo, a mi me seria completamente imposible de hacer, no me llevo bien con las agujas jejeje
    besitos ascension

  4. Julia - your good health and well-being are the most important things!! I would suggest postponing the swap, as you are inspired by the 1:1 embroideries and family things at the moment. :)) Embroidery is a fine occupation, isn't it, and with such beautiful results!!

    A small holiday near Chester sounds excellent to me, I envy you in Britain with so much history all around!!

  5. Thankyou Ira, they take forever to stitch, but are well worth it :0)
    Julia xx

  6. Hi Jayne,
    Isn't UC miserable ;0( Some days are ok, some days I can't get out the front door! It's a good job my manager in work is understanding! You are so lucky that it eventually went away, I will be keeping my fingers crossed. Chester looks really nice and I will be taking lots of pics for the blog, so we can all have inspiration and maybe a trip down memory lane? ;0) I will have to look out for that big doll's house shop ;)
    Julia xxx
    PS your verse is lovely, watch out, it may end up on one my samplers or a christmas card ;0)

  7. Gracias, es uno de mis ositos chennile que no podía separarse después de él. :0)
    Julia xxx

  8. Hi Glenda,
    I think I will probably postpone the swap for a little while and who knows what inspiration I will come home with after our holiday :0) I hope your all not going to mind being swamped with all my holiday pics, its going to be pics of this building and that building....
    Julia xxxxx

  9. It was miserable Julia...I know how you feel. I was extremely lucky. Not so much with work though as I was so young and hadn't built up any career yet where my managers would be so understanding.

    Mick's Nan had it too and eventually had a colostomy but she lived to 97...and look at Cliff Richard...he had a colostomy years ago too and he is doing great still.

    My nan is 1/2 Indian and used to say that to us every night before we went to bed. I use it often in cards too :-)

  10. A colostomy bag is one of my fears as my UC is right through, so well entrenched, but I am determined to look after myself as well as possable and so avoid the surgery stage, but what will be will be, yesterday was so bad, I would of happily agreed to anything to feel better, yet today has been ok! My grandad had it too.

    That's a lovely, warm sentiment from your nan :0)

  11. This is fantastic work Julia! I'm amazed you can create such wonderful work considering how you must be feeling! :o) I'd postpone your swap till you feel a bit better. ;o)

    I hope you feel some relief soon! I have forgotten to email you...3 days off soon! :o))

    Take care!
    Michelle xxxxx

  12. Thankyou Michele, I love the native american verses and the colours in these samplers are lovely to stitch in, though my stitching at the moment is just the little bit in the bottom photo! I stitched the top sampler a couple of years ago when I wasn't unwell. I hope you are feeling ok at the moment, I will email you :0)
    Julia xx


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