Friday, 16 July 2010

Kate's Fabalous Swap Goodies

This morning the postman brought me not 1 but 3 parcels, yippee :0)
The first parcel was from the lovely Kate of The Whittaker's Miniatures  Kate is my July swap partner and she had put a lovely little card in my parcel from herself, Emily and Lola. I managed to contain my excitement just long enough to take a pic of the beautifully parcels :0)

This is what was in my parcel :0)
There are two fabulous book stacks and one is all about mushrooms as Kate knows Gertie loves mushrooms. There is an open mushroom book, a witches cookbook and a wonderful acorn cake stand with the most divine mushroom cup cakes. Thank you Kate, Lola and Emily, I love them all :0)

Here is the mushroom book stack, mushroom open book and the mushroom cupcakes on Gertie's dresser.

 A closer look, so that you can how fab they all are :0)

The other book stack has gone in my Wizards and Wands Bookstore library.

The chair and little clay pipe was in my second parcel. These are handmade by Angela Downton of AMD Crafts. I  have been playing around with different chairs for the library for a while now and I really like this style, so I think I will be buying more! My little dragon cushion fits it perfectly too.

My third and final parcel came from EV Miniatures. I never normally get in quick enough to buy anything from EV Miniatures, but a couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to catch this fab dragon book before it got away. It will eventually go in Gertie's green house, because she has a 'thing' for dragons!!! To be revealed in a future post!!! lol
Theres a storm brewing...

On the home front, the report from my consultant should be at my doctors surgery today, so I should get my biopsy results later, when I pluck up the courage to ring for an appointment! It will be nice to know which IBD I have, but because it will be with me for life, I am hesitant to know because that then makes it real, a bit of denial I think! Tut tut! Anyway, thats life! What do you think of my storm clouds? Dean took this photo in our back garden yesterday, it was the start of a really noisy thunderstorm!

Hope you all have a great day and another huge thank you to everybody who has joined me in my swaps :0)

The next swap is the 1st August, I'd better get making something! If there is anything anybody would like me to make for the August swap, please let me know and don't forget it doesn't have to be witchy based.

Julia xxx


  1. What lovely swap items Julia. (((((((((hugs))))))

    Debie xxxxxxxxxx

  2. Fingers crossed for the results Julia, hope they are ok!Glad you and Gertie like your swap minis, it was fun making again!I thought the cupcakes might fit in with your wonderful Minis by Lory and yes I knew Gertie loved Mushrooms too so thought theyd be a hit! I havnt seen the wizard store for a while so it was lovely to see the bookcase and all those books youve made! I have a desk and chair coming by Angela, and shes making my Alice hat shop table, shes so talented and I hope to show my furniture in place soon. Like you I dont get to win many of Eves minis but its so exciting when I do, and that dragon books fab!! Anyway, you rest now, and have a great weekend, Love Kate and hugs from the girls too who will be updating their blogs this weekend!!xx Kate xx

  3. Thankyou Debie xxxx

    The cupcakes will fit in beautifully with my Lory teaset, Kate. I can't wait to start putting everything in place properly. I think we just have one more thing to make for the back wall of the cottage and then I can start dressing it properly :0)

    Julia xxx

  4. Beautiful minies! Keep my fingers crossed for you! Hope the news will be good for you!

  5. I just love those mushroom cupcakes! How creative!! :)

  6. Thankyou Ewa xxx

    Hi Katie,
    The mushroom cupcakes are wonderful, the photo doesn't do them enough justice xx

  7. I like all, congratulations for this great swap!

  8. Just fabulous Julia! I LOVE Kate's mini's that she made you, just perfect in everyway! :o))))

    I'm glad that you managed to get one of Ericka's books too! I have quite a few and I love them, especially the open ones.

    It must be daunting having to phone up for your results, but once you know you can start looking forward and dealing with the future better. I hope to email you later! Yes, I know I' as late as always! lol :o)

    Michelle xxx

  9. Fabulous minies, I love the books and those cupcakes are great! And that chair looks really nice, it would go to my witches house really nicely :) And I got my EV stuff today also :)

  10. Three parcels at once! - must have felt like Christmas!!
    I love them all, but the mushroom book is my favourite.

    Ericka's books are great - I must admit I have more than I would own up to, and can't help buying more :)) My witch/wise woman also likes mushrooms, and Kiva Atkinson's mushies are very more-ish, too! My witch is going to bankrupt me!!

    I do hope that your health results are not too bad - better to know than not, in general?

    xxx Genda

  11. Such wonderful goodies! I love them all!


  12. ¡Que regalos tan maravillosos! Espero que los resultados fueran buenos. Besos Clara


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