Monday, 14 June 2010

A little bit of our world, it looks lovely in the sun, shame it rains so much here!!

Well, we have passed the cut off time for my blog anniversary, so all the names are ready to be put in a hat and the winner to be picked. That is when I can drag Menace Meg away from her american TV programmes to pick a winner, I think she's watching High School Musical now, they all seem the same to me!!  

Thank you to everybody who entered and thank you so much for the lovely comments. The idea I had in my head when asking for what you liked about our blog and what you wanted to see, was that I would have some idea on what you wanted to see in my posts in the coming year, I never expected all the wonderful comments we got and we are both thrilled, so a huge thank you comes from us both and I promise to switch the TV off and to get Meg to pick a winner and I will reveal the winner in the morning :0)

Julia xxx


  1. Oh My do I miss Wales! I spent part of my childhood in Haverfordwest, and would give anything to be able to raise my kids there. Such a laid back, beautiful place!

    ...I also wanted to tell you I really love the material on that chair in your last blog!


  2. What a beautiful place - I would love to visit Wales, I did family history and have Welsh ancestry. I suppose my name is a giveaway!

  3. Beautiful photo Julia...makes me very homesick.

    I never appreciated the rain till I left but it is what makes the country so beautiful.


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