Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Books and Dolls House Magazines sell off

I am having a little clear out and have listed some books and Dolls House magazines on Ebay. My link is in my side bar.I have put long descriptions in my listings so I won't do it again here, but there are some articles and projects in them that I think will of be interest to some of you, so I have popped some extra pics on here :0) The above book is great for miniature sewing, but is not entirely Dolls House Scale. There are 3 settings in 12th scale and then the rest are just normal miniature projects for real life sizes!

The Dolls House Magazine Feb 2006 Issue 93

Dolls House World Issue 140 May 2004

The Dolls House Magazine Feb 2007 Issue 105

Apologies for a hurried, slightly scruffy post! I am rushing to get everything done before the school run! Check out my previous post to find out who the lucky winner of my anniversary giveaway is and for a link to her blog. I will hopefully be back tomorrow with the next instalment in Gertie's Little Industrious Cottage.


  1. I have so many mags too Julia, I go to sell them then end up sitting reading them for hours lol! Lola has spotted one she likes the look of so will be going to have a look thanks! Kate xxx

  2. I am like you Kate, I spent last night reading an enormous pile of mags and most of them went back in that darned 'just in case... one day' cupboard!! lol I was inspired by your sell off for more witches and I have my eye on some goodies from Nikki, so needs must lol Shh, I just bought one of Nikki's brooms for Gertie ;0)
    Julia xx

  3. Me too! My Gertrude had to have one and I have a new witch yippe and of course she insistede on one too and shes not one to be messed with so I gave in! Good luck with your sales, I hate being so ruthless and know Ill end up with a project that I wish Id kept an item for but needs must if I want those witches!!Plus Lola wants some more mice for her house! Love KAte xxx


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