Monday, 8 March 2010

Theres a dragon in the fire.... it's time I had a break!!

My posts have slowed lately, because I am so busy with my 'real' job. As a physciatric nurse, you can sometimes give too much of yourself and this is certantly the case of late.  It will also be one year since Hywel's huge accident on the 18th of march, so I'm not particuallry good at the moment. So, I have decided to take a little break from making new miniatures and blogging, I hope my regular followers won't mind. I intend to have a good rest, do lots of therapeutic cleaning, take my little 11 year old on a girly shopping day out and order new bedroom furniture for Dean, as he is getting so tall his feet stick out of the bed! I have told him he needs to stop growing, but he's not

I will be back in a couple of weeks, maybe sooner if I run out of things to clean! and hopefully, I will be back bursting with inspiration and new mini ideas.

Before I go, I'd like to welcome some new followers, a big hello to you and a huge thankyou for another two Kreativ bloggers awards, sorry I have not replied sooner.

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Back in a couple of weeks,
Julia xx


  1. Hello Julia, I will miss your posts but it sounds like you deserve a well earned break so hope you can relax a bit and enjoy some quality family time :0)
    I've just been to collect my beautful chair from the P.O. Thank you so much it is wonderful !
    take care,
    julie xxxx

  2. Enjoy your much needed rest and break! :o) We all need to do this from time to time and yes I totally understand. :o))

    Happy shopping! ;o)
    Michelle xxx

  3. Hello Julie,
    I am so glad you like your chair :0) Hopefully, I will be brimming with new ideas after my little break.
    Your fairytale nanny and elfin baby are wonderful :0)
    Julia xxx

  4. Hi Michele,
    I pushed myself a bit too hard this week and worked from thursday evening untill sunday night with only a few hours in between, so when I got up this morning with chest pains, I decided it was time to listen to my body! A bit of retail therapy will soon have me bouncing back, I'm sure :0)
    Julia xxx

  5. Hi Julia, don't stay away too long as I enjoy reading your posts. But it will be good for you to have a rest and recharge your batteries. Keep your eye on those chest pains,don't want you ending up like me.. Have a great shopping trip.. XXX

  6. Hi Julia,
    just take care.
    Take the time that you need and see you soon ;)

  7. I've just found your blog and am enjoying reading through it. Enjoy your break away and I hope you come back to blogging fully restored! Irene

  8. Get all the rest you need. We will be here when you get back. Sometimes we all need to recharge. Your job is stressful and I really know that it can get to you at times. Just take your time and relax. Like I said we will still be here waiting. Teresa

  9. Enjoy your break! Everyone needs one from time to time. :)

  10. I agree with everyone else- we all need a sanity break once in awhile- and chest pains are nothing to be messing with! I hope you get lots of rest and have some fun too ♥

  11. Take care Julia...remember there is only so much one person can do.

    I hope you feel much better soon and enjoy your break with your family xxx

  12. Often we need a break, I hope you on your return.
    a carmen hug


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