Thursday, 18 March 2010

Popping by for a chat!

Well, it is one year today since Hywel's accident, where his 7.5 ton lorry tipped onto him trapping him against a wall. The last year has been a rollercoaster of emotions and hospital visits, but Hywel being the determined man he is, has defied the odds and the doctors and is now at his optimum recovery level. Most days he can get around unaided, although he always seems to need his walking stick in Tesco! He doesn't moan when his legs are bad, but I can always tell by the way he is walking and comeing in from work and going straight to sleep is a giveaway! Our plans for the future have had be altered, because there are some things we wanted to do, which will now be impossable, as Hywel's legs will eventuallry deteriate as he gets older. But.. on the bright side, needing something to focus on during his recovery and me needing a distraction from the horror of it all,  Bearcabinminiatures has flourished from a little idea just plodding along, to the huge part of our lives it is now. Starting this blog has certantly helped me to keep going and I have met wonderful people through blogging, so thankyou all for keeping on commenting, you have all helped to keep our spirits up.

Right... enough wingeing and onto what I have been upto this last two weeks....

The house has had its spring clean and the sun can shine through my windows all it likes now, there's no dust to be seen... anymore! I have even given Dean's room a fresh coat of paint, he is all charcoal and pale greys now, very grown up! Although I was a bit miffed when he asked if could have a new light shade as he thinks he is too old for his glow in the dark dinasour lampshade!!  I still haven't bought his new bed, I can't find one that we both agree on! But I did buy little Meg some new 'grown up' clothes and we all had to watch her doing her catwalk/fashion parade dance in her new dresses and leggings. Last week I was also in work, but I now have a few days annual leave which is nice, although everyone keeps telling me I look and sound tireder this week, now that I have been taking it easier.. I can't win!

Yesterday, I sat down and re-upholstered some chairs and I have two new mini projects burning bright in my mind ready to be put into action, but I have to have a chat with a fellow blogger first as she is currently working on something similar to one of the ideas and I don't want to step on any virtual toes!! I have also re-upholstered a witches chair for the wizards and wands bookstore. I can't decide on what material to use, so I will make one in each fabric, choose the one which suits the library in the bookstore and then pop the others in my Etsy store.

This is the first chair, hopefully I will have the others done later in the week and  I will pop all three on and we can all debate which suits the library the best :0)

Can I also grab some advice on the chaise Longe? I have re-upholstered it in a lovely William Morris fabric, but I couldn't decide on what colour braid to finish it with. What do you think of the blue? Is it too bright? I tried to pick the blue out of the main fabric, but I am not sure.

Well, thats all my news for today, time for another cup of tea and some more catching up on my favourite blogs.

A big welcome to my new followers, I recoganise some of you from AIM :0)

Have a great day,
Julia xxx


  1. Good to hear that your hub has recovered better than expected :) And I hope that he'll suprise the docs even more with getting even better.

    I love the chairs, the fabrics are wonderful, I really have to get some Morris fabrics, they are wonderful :)


  2. Julia, know how just frustrating it is for you and Hywel. John got hit by a tug when he worked at the Airport and after weeks recupirating began to develop arthritis bought on by the accident. This is a progressive form that affects the spine, feet, knees etc so he has good days and bad, and he is such an independant man and hates to sit doing nothing that it hit us very badly and changes life as it was forever, so know exactly where you are coming from. Love to you both! Blogging has made us great friends and gives us a bit of purpose and fun and helps to spur you on to do something with our time! LOVe the new chairs, wowo that wizard one is gorgeous love the design and the way youve done it on the back too! Take care, lovely to see you back! Kate xxx

  3. Hi Ira,
    I wasn't sure about the Morris fabrics, but now I have done a couple I am getting to like them more and more. Thankyou for your kind words :0)
    Julia xx

  4. Hi Kate,
    Its the arthritus that worries me, I know it is inevitable, but you would laugh if you saw the amount of cod liver oil capsules and vitamins I make him take to hold it off! Don't know if they are doing any good, mind! I feel the same way as you with blogging, it certantly gives us another perspective and helps to keep us all sane! It's sounds like Hywel and John are very similar and refuse to give in. Love to you and John too xxx

    Glad you liked the wizard chair, I bought that material to make a witches bed, but it fitted the chair really well. More to follow...

    Its good to be back,
    Julia xx

  5. I glad that your hub is recovering!! The fabrics of the chairs is so lovely.

  6. My what a year you have been through. I hope he continues to improve over time.

    The upholstery looks great. I think the blue is too distracting though, perhaps the orange or the gold instead? It's hard to tell from a picture, you know minis always look better in person.

  7. I’m absolutely sure that is one anniversary that you wished you didn’t have to remember. I can only imagine what that day must have been like….hell on earth I expect! Without going into details, I had a life changing experience when I was young and many things had to change for me etc.…but often bad and tragic things have many silver linings and many good things come about because of them. As you say Bearcabinminiatures has gone from strength to strength and is an absolute bonus to all! :o)) I’m sooo glad you are here, such a luffly pair of peeps!

    I’d go for either green or old gold trim on the chaise. I love the new chairs too! :o)) Enjoy the rest of your break. I’m having a lovely short week at work next week, so I have a great mini break!

    Michelle xxx

  8. Hello Julia, Being fairly new to your blog I had to read back to catch up. So sorry to hear about Hywel's accident but pleased to hear of his improvement. Isn't it good that we can disappear into our own world when we need to?

    My instinctive choice for your chaise would be a mustardy gold or a rusty colour. If you've got a selection of matching trim you could lay it across and every time you walk past have a look. Eventually your eye will continually settle on one (that's the theory anyway!). Onward and upward for Bearcabinminiatures. I'm enjoying your blog.

  9. Hi Michele,
    Yes, it is one anniversary we would rather be without, but as you say good can come out of bad and eventually we all learn to accept and move forward. As for the chairs, I was thinking of green, but all the greens I have didn't match, so I will look for different shades of green.
    Enjoy your week next week and thankyou for your reply email, my conservatory is going to be called Mandrake House :0)
    Julia xx

  10. Hi Irene,
    Yes, its great to escape to the virtual world and it sure helps!
    I like the idea of a rusty colour, another colour to add to the list! I did as you said, laid out the colours over the fabric and kept glancing at it as I passed and thats when the blue won. This one has been a bit of a puzzle colourwise!
    Julia xxx


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