Saturday, 20 March 2010

Mandrake House again!

We stayed up way too late last night, working on Mandrake House and now today we are both tired and grumpy!! lol. It was worth it though, the paving slabs are finished and in place and I put the windows together and added some green, slimy moss to the corners. Only to find... that when I went to put the windows in, I had 'slimed' the wrong side! Hmnn.. not happy!
I also had a little go at making a vine for the back wall, but as I was making it, it turned into a tree! It is going to have big thick roots growing over the soil bed edging and towards the table in the centre! 
I have rummaged through my garden tin and found the plant kits and aged pots I bought from Miniatura some years ago, so they will all go in Mandrake House. Oh.. and my poor lonely mandrake is peeking over his pot in there too lol. Talking of Miniatura, it is my birthday this week and Hywel gave me tickets to Saturdays Miniatura :0) So, all being well, I will be going to Miniatura on saturday with my birthday money and buying more aged pots and plant kits! Oh.. and I am heading straight for Julie's wonderful table to look at her wonderful Wizard of Oz dolls in the flesh so to speak :0)

Well, thats all for now, I am off to watch a Harry Potter film now, aparently its the one with the mandrakes in, I just hope I can stay awake after last night's late night! ;0) 

Julia xx


  1. I am loving this you guys. Julia I thought you were having a break LOL? Its looking great and has come along wonderfully.
    Debie xxxxx

  2. Hi Debie,
    I did try and have a break, but once I started this one, I couldn't stop! lol. I did have one week off though!!
    I have sent you an email, re: mandrakes, hope its got through ok :0)
    Julia xx

  3. Julia your Mandrake House is moving along very quickly. Lucky you going to Miniaturia, take your camera with you. We want a fair report when you get back. xxx

  4. Hi Debbie,
    Thats typical me.. I get an idea and eat, sleep and breathe it until it is done, which is why I get so tired!!

    I will take my camera to Miniatura, I really didn't think we would get to go this year, so I am thrilled, even though I am working untill 9pm the night before and am back in work at 6am on the sunday :0(
    A full fair report will be duly posted on the sunday evening :0)
    Julia xx

  5. Wauuuw...It looks så great. I really love the aged look. Looking forward to follow your work as it progresses :0)

  6. Julia this is fabulous !! I love it all and LOL at the wrong side sliming, now thats the sort of thing I usually do :0)
    Looking forward to seeing you on saturday ,
    julie xxx

  7. Julia, you certainly move! lol I just can't keep up with you AND you are supposed to be having a break! lol lol You move at warp speed and I wish I could make as much progress as you! It's looking superb and I love it!! FAB! :o))

    Off to email you now!
    Michelle xxx

  8. Un suelo, que parece totalmente de verdad, rustico-envejecido. Felicidades.


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