Wednesday, 24 February 2010

New Ivy Cottage under construction

Julia is busy in work this week, so I am left to show what I am working on for our Etsy shop at the moment, as I have a couple of days off work. There is a new Ivy Cottage under construction, the last one went too Australia. 

Under construction , the large fireplace in the main room. I will be plastering the walls today.

Julia will be back soon, she has a day off tomorrow.



  1. Thanks for keeping us all up to date Hywel. Love the mantle over the fireplace..

  2. Ah wow! Great project, I'm working on a bit of a project at the moment and that is just how I want my cooker/range to look!
    Can't wait to see what else your going to do!
    Hannah :)

  3. Fantastic, it looks like well!! I'll be expecting more.... regards

  4. Hi Hywel!

    I see that you are set to be busy on your days off! I love the cottage roof tiles, very realistic looking! I adore the wizards you made for the Wizards Wand and bookshop, fabulous and so original! :o)

    Michelle ;o)


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