Friday, 29 January 2010

The postman brought goodies!

As usual, I am rushing to get everything done before going into work this afternoon, but I had to share what the postman brought today. Aren't they wonderful? I had a new lilac upholstered and mahogany wood sofa which I am going to enjoy stitching heather cushions for, this will eventually be listed in Etsy. The colours are fab.

I also had this wonderful chair for the Wizards store. I had intened re-upholstering it, but the purple/lilac leather looks really nice, so I may design the top room around this chair!

Then, there is a little La Petite Belle from Julie at Bellabelle dolls. She is wonderful, so small, but totally perfect. She is going to 'live' in my victorian villa nursery. Thankyou Julie, I adore her :0)

Looks like my little grey bunny is whispering Hello, in her ear :0)

This week I have busy, stitching commission orders and with Meg's birthday, it has been quite hectic. I have managed to stone paint the larger windows of the Wizards bookstore and I have adapted the top windows to make them look less victorian and older. As I write, Hywel is busy marking out wooden beams to go on the outside and we have had many disagreements over how to position them!.. but I always win in the end lol :0)

Just a quick promotion of a new cushion listed in my Etsy store. I loved making this one, the blue is a happy, bright blue. Going to make more of these!!
Have a great day, Julia xx


  1. I too have that chair, that was the chair that I distressed and reupholstered for the witch. Mine's now going into Hogwarts as I thought it was too fancy for the witch…she’s a bit too dirty for a chair like that! lol Please can you tell me where you bought your one, as I bought mine in a sale from dolls house emporium and I want some more...I regretted not buying more once I received it!:o(
    I'm having problems with blogger unsure if anyone else is, things are not updating as they should!?
    Michelle xx

  2. Love the cushion!!! It's so lovely!!!

  3. La Petite Belle looks very comfy on your lovely chair Julia :0)
    my postman came today too and I am delighted ! your work is beautiful , thank you too for the little bears and the sweetest little pot :0)
    I'm so glad I won your Haiti auction,
    julie xxx

  4. Love that chair! The color is fantastic!

  5. Very pretty. I love the color. The doll is so sweet also. She looks great by the bunny. I wonder what he is telling her.

  6. Hi Michele,
    I won the chair on ebay, I haven't seen any more, but I will keep an eye out and let you know if I find some. On the blog front, I have noticed that my followers list isn't updating very quickly, other than that, I haven't had any problems.
    Julia xx

  7. Hi Julie,
    So glad you liked your little set and the little pot :0) I love La petite Belle too
    Julia xx

  8. Many thanks Julia...I'd love to get some more chairs as they are a good size and design!

    That's where the problems lie with blogger, posts are not updating to blogland/followers blogger lists. I have a new post, but nowhere to be seen on blog lists! lol
    Michelle xxx

  9. Your new pillow is so pretty!

  10. Das sind ja alles wunderschöne Teilchen ..... Aber die Farbwahl bei Sofa und Stuhl ist genial ..... dunkles Holz mit lila Leder. Echt Klasse!

    Liebe Grüße
    Puno / Monika

  11. Fantastic sofa and love the chair. Love the purple on it too (my fave colour).
    The litle doll from julie is beautiful and amazing considering she is so tiny. I like that these little dolls also come in boxes.
    Hope you have a good week ahead, you sound very busy.
    Nikki xxx

  12. La Petite Belle is gorgeous...I love Julies work.

    That chair is amazing...I've never seen one like it...I want some as well :-)


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