Tuesday, 26 January 2010

My 100th post brings my newest project!!

Well, here we are at my 100th post, it doesn't seem that much, but my dashboard tells me it is!! With perfect timing, my new project arrived last night, so what better time to share my 2010 project than on my 100th post :0)

So, here it is, my Wizards & Wands Bookstore

The kit is by Smallerhomes and they are brilliant there, Karen makes the signs and etched my front door. I asked her for 'something wizardry, a wand or a book maybe' on the door glass and in the top photo you can see what she did. I am thrilled, the wizard is fantastic and the title on the book he is holding is the same name as the shop.. Wizards & wands. Karen also made me 2 two Wizard & Wands Bookstore shop signs.

So, last night we did a dry run and the shop went together lovely, the only hiccup was Hywel dropping one of the sides on my bare foot! I have a bruise :0(

The flagstones on the pavement are routed out, so they are going be great for putting weeds or 'dirt' inbetween! We can't start the outside yet, because we are waiting for brickslips to arrive, but it will be old 'dirty' plaster with some bricks peeping through. Watch this space...
Have a great day, Julia xx

If anyone is interested in a corner shop like this one, here is the web address



  1. I look forward to seeing it evolve...it looks like a great project!

  2. Wow- the etched door glass is amazing- what a great dollhouse! I cannot wait to see more- what a fun project!

  3. It’s simply fabulous! I love it, especially the door etching, how fantastic is that! I can’t wait for you to get started as it will be great to have another blogger making something wizardly/witchy. ;o)
    I too am waiting for brick slips for Hogwarts inglenook in the kitchen. I have just received two other orders…all mostly for Hogwarts, so I will be getting even busier soon! ;o)
    Michelle xxx

  4. Its fabulous Julia !!
    Oh I am excited to see how this turns out, I love the door, what a fabulous extra special touch :0)
    julie xxx

  5. Oh wow what a wonderful shop! Already looks great as it is and you two will work great magic with it yourselves in no time at all Im sure! That etching is so lovely , how clever, it really sets the shop off! have fun! Kate and John xx


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