Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Ideas for the little shop

I had some lovely comments yesterday about my little shop and what I planned to put in it. I know I want to use it to display my tapestries and cushions and I am leaning towards a french feel as this is something I haven't done before and I follow a couple of french blogs and adore their houses and minis. So, unable to sleep last night after a very hard day in work, what better way to unwind than to have a little play and this is what I have come up with so far. Bear in mind, nothing is fixed in place or finished, so they may a little wobbly or scruffy around the edges!!

This is the basic inside, lots of work needed here! The wooden floor boards are down, the raised floor to the front door is in, but not glued and I have ragwashed the walls in pale blue. I wanted to blue wash the cladding as well, but Hywel had already waxed them, so we'll stick with waxed. I am also thinking of putting in a beamed ceiling, I could then use the lower beams to display dried flowers and baskets.

I have put a few bits of furniture in to see how they would look. It is a small shop, so I have to be careful not to overfill it and spoil it. At the moment, I know I do want the sofa to stay in and I think the dresser will look good if I distress it in cream. I was thinking of displaying soaps, candles, wood turnings and pretty glass on the dresser.

This is the view through the window. I like the little fire, not sure what to do with the steps though. I may carpet them in the same carpet as the raised floor level, which is a rich blue. Any ideas warmly invited :0)
I also need a name! French perhaps!!

Julia xxx


  1. Hi Julia. I'm here late as usual!
    Lovely christmas presents and what an ever so thoughtful husband.
    Love the mouse on the jug, he looks real.
    Hope you have a great New Year.
    Nikki xxx

  2. Wow Julia, you really work fast. The shop looks wonderful so far. I love the French theme. Can't wait to see it finished!

  3. Well, I love the little dresser and a distressed look would be great! You could also add another shelf in the window for more goodies to be displayed (I have done this in my own shop). I don't as a rule carpet my houses, I just have rugs. You could also have lots of your tapestries on the walls. :o) The little fire is a lovely feature. ;o)

    Michelle xx

  4. Whatever you decide I am waiting to see! It looks so cozy right now, love it, lucky gal to have a wonderful, helpful hubby to make this for you!

  5. Julia- it is so lovely so far! What a great idea too- love the little raised area and I really love the little stove- it looks perfect in there!

  6. It going to be a real delight! I love it Rosanna

  7. it is wonderful Julia...lucky you.

    You should have a little welsh shop :-)

  8. A welsh shop sounds great, maybe next time?!!!
    I really like the idea of trying out some french ideas on this one though. I really need a name, so I am off to try and translate some english to french on the computor!


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