Monday, 16 November 2009

The Olde Abbey has stained glass

Working 13 days in a row has left me with no time to make minis, but I did manage to have a little play around with the glass paints for some of the Olde Abbey's stained glass windows. For the top window, I used a picture of a real church window as my template and placed it under my acetate. I then drew around the outline with a black outliner glazing pen and filled in the design with my own colours, which I mixed up from red, yellow and blue glass paints. The large window is going to take some planning, as I want it to be really impressive, but for now, I have leant some 'leaded' glass against the middle section of the window.

For the side windows, I used the same outliner pen to draw the lines of 'lead' and then made up a slightly mustardy yellow colour to gently 'wash' over the windows. I was pleased with the way it  turned out, as it looks as if the glass is really old.

I also did a bit of work on the roof and subjected it to some lichen and moss!!
Oh, and we have grass!!

Julia :0) xx


  1. I love it, the first pic looks really like the ....real thing. It can fool you. Great work Rosanna

  2. This is looking fabulous Julia :0)
    I bought what looks like the same kit from the dolls house builder last year and havent got round to putting it together yet. Yours is really inspiring me and I cant wait to find time to do mine. The stained glass looks beautiful !
    julie xx

  3. Preciosas las vidrieras.


  4. Looking fab Julia!! I love the inside! :o) Where did you get your 'black outlining glazing pen' from? I'm still waiting for my doors for no progress! :o((

    Michelle xx

  5. Hi Julie,
    Yes, it must be the same kit. It is a nice little project to play around with. Won't be long now and the little vicar you made for me a couple of years ago will be moving in :0)

    Hi Michele,
    I bought the black outlining pen from The Range, they are country wide, so there may be one near you. Also, I think Hobbeycraft sell them. I bought mine as a set with the red, yellow and blue pots of glass paint. The actual name on the tube of outliner is AQUA glass relief outliner :0)

    And a big thankyou all, for your great comments
    Julia :0) xx

  6. It is coming on so well, I love what you've done with the windows, and the roof. Thanks for the description of how you did the windows.
    Best wishes


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