Thursday, 22 October 2009

My Houses ~ Pumpkin House

This post seems to have caused some confusion, so I have edited it and given more detail.

This week I am on annual leave (again, I hear my regular followers cry!!) so I had intended to run a series of daily posts on my own houses, unfortunately, we have received emails from one person (not a fellow blogger) asking for specific details and photos of the terrace house. This person we recognised as someone who had copied a previous design of ours to the exact detail and then offered it for sale on Ebay in direct competition with ours, but at a lower price. Now I am all for competition, but this email seemed to be taking it a tad too far and lets just say, Hywel is a bit peeved! This is not to say that we do not wish to share ideas and tips with our fellow bloggers to use in their own personal houses or to adapt for sale, just no EXACT copies please.

Anyway, here is my current project. It is not a house built by ourselves, so I am not giving away any of Hywel's secrets.... and please, to those of you who sent comments regarding our 'false' room, please keep commenting and those of you who email me asking where certain things we use can be bought, keep asking, we are happy to help you find particular items.

So, this is Pumpkin House, which Hywel bought for me last christmas. Look at the windows, aren't they fab? Anyway, it is an antiques and fancy goods shop, inspired by the antiques shop in the TV series 'Ghost Whisper' and roughly based on a fabulous shop in Carmarthen. Inside are some of my favourite little bits, some handmade by myself and some bought from my favourite miniature artists or Miniatura. There is still loads to do on it though, as you will see as you scroll down the pics! I have re-decorated and started putting in a door upstairs, at the rear, I have to make a staff only sign and put the door furniture on, but do you think I can find my door knobs? I have put them somewhere safe... too safe!!

On the top floor is my wonderful Half Tester Bed which I had made by the talented gentleman at

There are also some of my bears, a beautifully dressed, but very delicate mannequin and some empty shelves and a rocking chair, stained but not varnished yet!

The desk is on the lower floor. This is a beautiful carved desk which Hywel bought me for my birthday at Miniatura a couple of years ago. It has a leather top, on which I have put a couple of favourite items. My pumpkin candle tray is fab, the photo doesn't do it justice. I bought it a week or so ago from a new seller on Etsy

I don't know if the wallpaper can be seen clearly, but it is DIY store wallpaper. It has a cream linen look background with pale brown large flower stems and leaves. It was a nightmare to get the flowers in the right position, so that they run from floor to ceiling, but now its done, it does add to the antique feel of the room. I just can't decide what colour to do the dressers now though, dark stain, plain or cream washed?

Well, that is Pumpkin House so far, lots to do on it, but I will be doing more posts on it as I go along and if anyone has any ideas for the colours to paint my dressers, please let me know.

I am off for some soup now, I have been to the dentists this morning for a rather large filling and the meany said soft food only for today :0( So soup it has to be...

Julia xx


  1. LOVE pumpkin house its amazing! Thats my next project to turn my old diner into the Ghost Whisperer Antique shop!! Good minds and all that! ! Im having the furniture in a cream shabby chic style and gold bits here and there and lots of hanging lights and chandeliers ! Cant wait to start it.
    The bed is beautiful, I got my gothic bed and love it, its gone in the haunted house. Love the counte too, Im on the look out for a Bespaq style fancy counter.
    Kate xx

  2. Hi Kate,
    I was thinking cream for the dressers, but I havn't tried cream washing before and am a bit afraid of mucking them up! So far there is only one hanging light on the lower floor, it has pretty etched glass. I may go more for tiffany stle lamps, if I can get good ones. The ceiling upstairs is very ornate, I have to get my coving, but when its done, I will try and take a pic. Its hard to photo, because it is quite a small house and the photos don't come out very well. This lot was the best of about 20!
    Hope you are all feeling better today,
    Julia xx

  3. Fabulous things as per Julia. You will always get peeps wanting to know how its done. Its a compliment to Hywel that someone is interested in his skills. Its good to keep some air of mystery about your houses and roomboxes which are lovely (((((((( hugs )))))

    Debie xxx

  4. Hi Debie,
    Thanks for your lovely comment. I have lots of ideas for little bits to go inside :0)

    Yes, I agree that it is a compliment that someone is interested in Hywel's skills and we love to share tips and ideas as much as we like to get ideas and tips from others. Unfortunately, this wasn't a fellow blogger asking for ideas for their personal houses. Enough said!

    Have a great day, Julia xx

  5. Amazin! I love your blog!

    Hugs from Madrid.


  6. wow, beautiful pumpkin hose. The door and window are fantastic.
    The bed is fab. Is it from the man you showed here a little while ago?
    He's ever so clever!

    Nikki xxx

  7. Hi nikki,
    Yes, the bed is from the same gentleman I featured a while back. His link is in the post, he makes the most wonderful furniture.
    Julia xxx

  8. Thank you for linking me :D Your house is so nice ^__^ Beautiful!! :D


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