Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Ivy Cottage and cat baskets

Last night I mooched around in my 'to be done' cupboard and found a pretty little white wire cat basket, just crying out for one of my little cat pillows. I was quite pleased with the way it turned, what do you think?

Ivy Cottage

Well, Hywel has got his way and Ivy Cottage is up for sale on Etsy.... Hmmm, I had wonderful plans for this.... but Hywel is moaning he can't move in the garage for all the houses and to be honest, it is getting a bit difficult to get to the freezer!!


  1. Both are wonderful. I love the little window in the roof house.

  2. Oh, cat on the embroidery is so cute! The basket with it looks wonderful, I think. Very cosy.

  3. Hi Julia,
    Just doing a quick catch up on your blog. Good Luck with all your sales on Etsy. Love the little cottage..x


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