Sunday, 22 February 2015

Toad Hall

A few weeks ago, a friend decided to sell one of her Tudor Houses. It is very tall, but does not take up much floor place, which is ideal for me, as I had limited space for more houses.  

It had a little damage to one side of the base which had been done when she had bought it, but with a little tlc and Hywel's help it could soon be looking like new. 

The house has three rooms and a bottom cellar type area.

Besides the cellar, there are stairs up to the first floor, which has an opening for a fireplace and wooden stairs up to the second floor.  

The second floor will be a little kitchen. There is slight damage here to the fireplace wall, but this will easily repaired also.

The third floor is a nice, larger open area which will become a study.

Finally, the fourth floor is an attic bedroom with wall beams

The whole house looks artisan handmade and the attention to detail is evident. If anyone recognises this house and/or knows who made it, I would love to know :) All the windows have leaded 'glass'  the roof has handmade tiles and carved fascias and the floors are wooden floorboards. 

I am going to enjoy working on this and I have plenty of ideas for new miniatures to compliment it, but first, I have my 'real' house to concentrate on, as in March we upping sticks yet again and moving house... :)

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  1. Looks lovely Julia, look forward to seeing what you do with it. Hywel's rustic wood furniture will look nice in it.

    1. Thats what I thought too Jane. I'll have to get him making me some :)

  2. Que casa tan bonita!! Y cuantas posibilidades!

    1. Yes, loads of possibilities. It will be fun to do :) x

  3. What an interesting property and I love the cellar - you'll be able to do all sorts of interesting things with that.

    Good luck with your house move when it happens.


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