Houses Gallery

Hywel and I love creating new houses and over the years, we have made many houses which we have loved for a while before they have moved on to live with someone new.
This is my Gallery of all our houses over the years!
The Wotknot Shop
After spending 2001 making our daughters dolls house, January 2002 sees our very first venture into Dolls Houses for adults. This little shop front was purchased and then added to a shop floor with living quarters above. Long since dismantled, the shop front hides in a box in the depths of my garage somewhere! 
The Terrace
Next, came 'The Terrace.' a little two up, two down property.
Also long since dismantled!

The Swiss Cottage
This has been a Christmas house, a post office, a toyshop, to name but a few.
It has now been sold on and lives in Wales.
Our Original Bear Shop
This was made from a kit and was filled to the rafters with my handmade bears. This cabin became the inspiration behind our Hobby and Blog name. It has stayed with us ever since and in 2013, became part of our 'real life' Dolls House Shop and website name.

The Georgian Shop
A small, handmade shop, originally made for my needlework and little pieces of miniature china that I had collected. It is now dismantled, but may get resurrected!

No 1 Ivy Cottage
 Now living in Australia
No 2 Ivy Cottage
Sold and living in Australia


 Sold and living in the USA

Apples Tearooms 
 Sold and living in Italy

 Sold and living in the UK

Potions 4u Witches Cabin 
 Sold and living in the UK

The little Halloween Shed
Sold and living in the UK

Witches Cottage
Sold and living in Italy

The Gower Tearooms
The Old Grocers

'Pipkins' Sweet Shop
'Ye Olde Bookshop'
'Ye Olde Tavern'