Monday, 5 October 2009


Just a quick little post to show you my treasures from Miniatura.
The little witch is from Nicky's Dolls and Critters She is lovely and I have the perfect scene in my head!! to create for her. I stopped to have a quick chat with Nicky and admire her stall. Nicky if you are reading this, your stall was wonderful and I will be back for LOTS more :0)
The next thing I bought was the goblin book stand. This was from a lady called Karin at She also gave us a free fully printed, opening book :0)
Then I bought a little aged terracotta plant pot and a black iron boot scraper.

I also bought some lovely bits for the Olde Abbey. I bought the AD1837 sign from a seller that I have bought from in previous Miniaturas. It is a lovely old weathered stone and will be perfect for the abbey.
I bought loads and loads of little bits and fancy beads from Teepee crafts for making into bigger items and scenes. I also stocked up mice and frogs! Sorry, no link for this one.
And lastly, I bought some great braids for my stools and the upcoming christmas cushions from Little Trimmings.

So, all in all a good day, lots of bits to make up and keep me busy! Very tired at the end of the day, but worth getting up at 6AM for!


  1. Sounds like you had a nice day and stocked up well.
    What day did you go? I went on Saturday and put eveyone through my sniffling and sneezing, coughing and spluttering. Nobody would go near me, oh lol.
    Had a great day though and although from afar it was nice to see loads of people.
    I met up with Debie from piskies and poppets which was really nice.
    I hope we were not there on the same day. It would have been lovely to meet you.
    I am trying to think up a verse for your competition. My brain is not in gear and so will call back tomorrow to enter.
    Have fun with your new minis.
    Nikki xxx

  2. OOOH LOVELY GOODIES! I was lucky enough to buy a bookstand from Karin too. I could not get to the show so Nikki was really kind and picked it up for me, and I cant wait to get it. Was very sad to be able to go but its quite a treck from us in Surrey. Glad you had a good time, its fun to see what everyone bought, and you have good taste too!! Kate xx

  3. Hi Nikki,
    Yes, we went on saturday too. I was fully intending to keep a look out for you and Debie, as Debie had said you were both going, but I got a bit distracted by all the wonderful goodies LOL We too saw loads of people from afar, so I can put faces to names in AIM and I had a chat with Nicky from Nicky's dolls and critters which was really nice. I am waiting for your post now to see what delights you bought, are you going to share pics? :0) Hope so!!

    Look forward to getting your entry in my little competion, so far there are only 2 entries!

    Julia :0)x

  4. Hi Kate,
    The book stands are great and she also had a kitchen sink with a witchy face spouting water, it was fab. I wanted the sink, but Hywel got his way this time and had the bookstand. I must admit though, it does look good in the wizards store. Sorry you couldn't go, it is a long way from Surrey. We travelled for 3 hours from South Wales and we were shattered when we got home. Still it was worth it and we had NO CHILDREN for a day..LOL


  5. Lovely items Julia :0) It was very busy on the saturday, and everyone seemed to be having a great time. Sorry I missed you but hope we get the chance to chat at another fair :0)
    I love that book stand, I didnt get a chance to see much of the show and keep discovering gorgeous items I missed LOL suppose I saved a lot of money though !
    julie xx

  6. Julia here's the link for Tee Pee Crafts web site:-
    Deb x

  7. Woops! meant to say glad you had a wonderful day and came home with some wonderful Tiny Treasures. Love your little Witch from Nicky and your book stand from Karin. I've emailed you her blog link. xx


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